HyperX Fury USB Flash Drive Review

Bold Design with Lower Price –

Unlike other Kingston products that we have previously covered, this new HyperX Fury USB Flash Drive doesn’t come with fancy bells and whistles but results in a more affordable product.

Kingston HyperX FURY Flash Drive USBThis rugged USB storage unit showcases a bold design, USB 3.0, and a lower price point. As far as impressive features go, that is it. However, this is not looked upon negatively as these 16GB/32GB/64GB units still contain the same quality and reliability that Kingston has demonstrated with the HyperX brand. With backwards compatibility with USB 2.0 and a 5-year warranty, the $15-$40 price point is easily justified and stands in line with other brands on the market today.

Sporting an impressive casing design, accents are flared with either black (64GB version), red (16GB version), or blue (32GB version) and should sleekly align with any technology enthusiast. Although there are no password protection options like other Kingston DataTraveler units, this USB device is compatible with gaming consoles as well as any PC or Mac. With the high speed of USB 3.0 and the bigger storage space of 64GB, this plug-and-play device could be an easy and cheap solution for storing full games and DLC for next gen consoles. The unit also features a removable cap and optional key chain loop.



Sure, there are a million other USB flash drives on the market with a similar price but Kingston separates itself by offering high performance at a solid value. With a flashy design and backed by the 5-year warranty, Kingston continues to stand behind each and every product they stamp their name on.

More about this unit can be found HERE.


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  1. Avatar of nate5 nate5 says:

    I also have a USB flash drive made by Kingston, and I’m quite happy with an 8GB one. I don’t really need that much memory, and I feel like that storing a lot of information on a drive with that physical size will be devastating if it were to be lost. That being said, it does look like it could take a lot of damage before breaking, so definitely ideal for some people!

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