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Homefront is coming back in May with the release of Homefront: The Revolution, an open world first-person shooter for Windows, Linux, OS X, PS4 and Xbox One. The Revolution will launch in the United States on May 17, with Europe’s release coming a few days later, on May 20th.

Instead of launching a sequel, they have decided to make The Revolution a reboot of the franchise. So it has a similar story, with North Korea invading America, but events in this game are supposedly four years after the events in the first Homefront.

Story and Setting

Set in the year 2029, four years after North Korea has invaded the United States, when Philadelphia is being occupied by the KPA. The story in The Revolution follows Ethan “Birdy” Brady and the resistance as they fight to take back their city.

The main difference between The Revolution and the original Homefront game is that this one is open-world, with a good amount of areas to explore. You will be able to search through building to scavenge parts for your weapons and other equipment.


Just like most open-world video games, there will be side missions, such as taking out a high-ranking KPA general or stealing equipment from them.

There are districts that you will explore, and not one of them are alike. The Green Zone is the affluent area where the KPA like to remain. It’s obviously the most comfortable area, so that is where they are at their strongest. In the Green Zone they have stable power supply, running water and fortifications to make it safe from intruders.

The Yellow Zone is the second district, and it is a poor area where the majority of the population can be found. It’s very ghetto, not the kind of place you want to live. This is also where you will have to be careful as there are constant patrols, cameras and scanner drones watching in the Yellow Zone.

The Red Zone is basically nothing but ruins since it’s a bombed suburban area, making it the perfect hideout for the resistance. This is where the resistance is at its strongest, but there is definitely still a KPA presence in the location.



Homefront: The Revolution has a four-player cooperative multiplayer mode called “Resistance”, which has its own characters, classes, progression and perks. According to the developer Dambuster Studios, there will be a difficulty level that is just like the Dark Souls games. The first Homefront had a competitive multiplayer mode, unfortunately The Revolution will not have one.

Editions: Standard, Freedom Fighter, and Goliath

If you’re interested in purchasing the game then you might want to know about the various editions being released. There will be the Standard Edition, the Freedom Fighter digital edition and the most expensive, Goliath Edition. There is a pre-order bonus that is the Revolutionary Spirit pack, which will give you skins for the pistol and for the motorbike, with additional unlocks for your weapons in co-op mode.

Freedom Fighter comes with the Revolutionary Spirit pack as well, but it also comes with the Liberty Pack and the game’s Expansion Pass.

If you’re a hardcore fan or just have a lot of cash to spend on video games, then you might be interested in the Goliath Edition, as it comes with the Revolutionary Spirit pack, Expansion Pass, a 32-page artbook, an RC “Goliath” drone and an exclusive SteelBook case.


Homefront: The Revolution is bringing in many new elements to the franchise, and the developer has made some larger changes as well, such as the open-world experience. This all sounds great, but it is hard to tell how redundant gameplay will be. It’s easy to see this being an amazing game if done right, but we will see soon enough! Judging by what we know about this game so far, it looks promising and one to look forward to if you’re a fan of open-world games

Homefront: The Revolution Early Closed Beta Gameplay.

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