Sniper Elite 4 Preview


Sniper Elite 4 is an upcoming third-person stealth shooter developed by Rebellion Developments for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC. Fans of the series can expect the same over-the-top violence, as we do know it has the game that lets us shoot Nazis in the balls.

The fourth Sniper Elite game is not going to be any different, and from what we have seen so far there is plenty of gruesome content. This will be the first game of the series to be made entirely for the latest generation of gaming consoles. Sniper Elite 3 was much better than the first two, but still limited by last-gen tech.


This game is going to take players to Italy in 1943, right after the events from the third Sniper Elite game. You will get to play as Karl Fairburne, who is an Office of Strategic Services agent tasked with helping the Italian resistance take down the Fascists in WWII.


Sniper Elite 4 is a third-person, tactical shooter with stealth elements. It isn’t going to be much different than the last game of the series, but the maps are going to be significantly larger.

Getting a kill in Sniper Elite is a very exciting thing, as it will activate the X-Ray kill cam and show the body parts (including internal body organs) being penetrated by the bullet. Watch skulls and other bones shatter as you take down enemies.

sniper elite 4 x-ray kill cam

The X-Ray kill cam is now going to activate on shrapnel kills, stealth kills and melee kills – which is a nice little addition they made to the series.

The AI in Sniper Elite 4 is smarter than ever, and the enemies are more capable, meaning they will react to your actions more responsively.

Players are also able to kill the officer early in the game to make the enemy retreat, while killing the officer late in the game will cause the level to get more difficult. You will be equipped with binoculars, which are very helpful for showing you where enemies are and finding out what weapons they’re using.

You’re also able to set traps, and using corpses as booby traps is always an option. The gameplay is more dynamic, and the night missions will have you removing light sources to remain hidden from the enemy.

Besides the visual improvements, the main selling point for Sniper Elite 4 seems to be the size of the maps. This is what will make the gameplay more exciting, as it gives players more freedom and places to snipe from.

There is also a new movement system that allows the player to climb up and grab ledges.

As for multiplayer in Sniper Elite 4, you can play cooperative missions, and competitive multiplayer game modes are being reintroduced.


Sniper Elite 4 looks like the perfect third-person stealth shooter due to the large maps and new featured the developer has added. The game looks very welcoming to newcomers, so if you have never played a Sniper Elite game before, don’t worry about it.

The cooperative horde mode looks like a great multiplayer experience, but many people who have had the opportunity to play Sniper Elite 4 early say the multiplayer is a disaster. The game isn’t released yet so we will have to wait and see how that turns out.

Release Date and Trailer

You can buy Sniper Elite 4 in stores on Feb 14, 2017. It’s launching for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Here’s an official trailer so you can get a preview of what Sniper Elite 4 is all about…

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