Guitar Hero 3 Rocks Your Cell Phone

In a recent press release "Hands-On Mobile, Inc., the world's leading developer of connected games and applications, announced that [i]Guitar Hero III Mobile[/i] was the number one selling mobile game on Verizon Wireless phones in the first quarter of 2008.  Initially released exclusively by Verizon Wireless, [i]Guitar Hero III Mobile[/i] is striking a chord with fans all over the world, shattering mobile game records with nearly 1 million downloads, including monthly subscriptions, across all wireless service providers.

[i]Guitar Hero III Mobile[/i] has become one of the fastest selling games in mobile gaming history.  More than 250,000 songs are played every day by mobile subscribers across the U.S.  The most played songs include 'Slow Ride' (re-record), 'Mississippi Queen' (re-record) and 'Black Magic Woman' (re-record).

Mobile research firm M:Metrics said that consumer demand for mobile games in the U.S. has yet to reach its peak, but as it has seen from the demand for [i]Guitar Hero III Mobile[/i] since its launch, this title is clearly a game changer.  The firm reports that the number of people downloading a mobile game continues to grow, with 20 million playing a downloaded game in March.

In addition, Hands-On Mobile announced the [i]Guitar Hero III Mobile[/i] June Song Pack, a feature that offers subscribers the opportunity to download three new songs every month.  Songs available to wireless users on June 1 include 'Stricken' (original recording), 'Talk Dirty to Me' (re-record) and 'Rock and Roll All Nite' (re-record).  Through the Song Pack downloads, players will be able to access more than 50 songs and 150 unique note charts across all three difficulties (easy, medium and expert) within one year of the game's release.

Featuring four authentic guitars and three venues, [i]Guitar Hero III Mobile[/i] challenges players to hit number keys in synch with colored notes that appear on a scrolling fret board.  The game offers 15 instantly accessible tracks taken from the console series."

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