Gods Will Be Watching (PC) Review

Gods Will Be Watching is an interesting game, although it nearly impossible to get over the pixel graphics. It’s an adventure game, one that will make you feel young again, playing a game from the early 90s. The graphics might suck in this game but overall it is not a bad game. Despite receiving a few decent reviews, the actual player reviews don’t seem so generous and many gamers are finding it hard to get over the graphics.

Visuals are not everything and there are many great games with less than excellent graphics for their time, so if you can get over the graphics you might actually enjoy the game enough to complete it. It is a short game with just six chapters to beat before the game is over. The time it will take you to complete this chapters will vary, but they range from about 10-45 minutes each. Gods Will Be Watching is actually an interesting game that will you keep you engaged throughout the chapters, so you can easily beat the entire game in one day if you have the time on your hands.

11045-shot0[1]This game is interesting simply because the different scenarios and plot goals throughout it, usually you’re trying to escape from a room. Unlike most adventure games today, Gods Will Be Watching does not give you the opportunity to explore, but the intense levels easily make up for the lack of exploration.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of this unique adventure game is the overall game concept and emphasis on repeating tasks, time management and making the best decisions. It puts you in the position of a leader and every choice you make is extremely important, even though sometimes you’re only choice is the least horrible option.

As for the game’s difficulty, Gods Will Be Watching is a truly challenging adventure game, and some chapters will take a lot longer than others. There is a nice amount of easy scenarios to go through, but not enough to make you feel completely invincible.

In this game you are an elite special forces soldier/spy that put in all kinds of intense scenarios, and you will see torture and human experimentation throughout the story. It’s really brutal at times, but the typical science fiction ideas in the story needed something to add shock value. Seriously, the story is great and there are brutal moments but there are not many other games that will make you panic as you struggle with resource and time management.

Gods Will Be Watching is an excellent adventure game that proves a game with old-school graphics can still put you at the edge of your seat and keep you engaged for hours. Unfortunately, too many gamers are spoiled with all this new tech and can’t stand to play a game with 90s graphics. Gods Will Be Watching does a good job at mixing old-fashioned graphics with new gameplay and storytelling, and you shouldn’t ignore this game just because the graphics are bad…

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