Get On Da Mic

The industry?s first hip hop music game. With over 40 of the hottest hip hop music tracks, customizable rappers, and urban environments, grab the microphone and capture the thrill of living the life of today?s rap megastars.

Key Game Features:
Explosive Soundtrack ? 40 songs from well-known rap artists such as: Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Lil? Kim, Dr. Dre, Sean Paul Black Eyed Peas, Missy Elliot, and many more.
EyeToy? Compatible ? Watch your performance live as you rise up the charts.
Endorsement by Jadakiss ? Featured on game packaging, print ads and a celebrity promotional partner.
Featuring Sway as game host ? Hip hop news correspondent and MTV co-host.
Featuring Green Lantern as in game DJ ? Eminem?s Tour DJ and recently signed with Shady records.
Multiple Ways to Play ? Grab the microphone, battle it out, perform together or go at it freestyle.
Bling Acquisition ? From clothes to Yachts, outfit yourself and your crib with the bling you bring!
Customizable Characters ? Personalize your style with more than 15,000 possibilities.
Interactive Environments and Crowds ? Rock the stage and watch money fall, lose your rhyme and you?ll lose your crowd.



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