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Adding Sugar To Your Fruit –

Have you ever bitten into fruit and said “man, this fruit just isn’t sugary enough”?

Affy Tapple, not to be confused with taffy apple, has solved this lack of sugar conundrum with their famous caramel covered apples each and every Halloween season. Since 1948, their products have evolved from simple caramel covered, to caramel covered with nuts, and now their most ambitious apple to date – the caramel covered apple with sprinkles taffy apple!

With 110 calories per serving, this three pack of sprinkled covered goodness is their best sugar coated apple to date – because who doesn’t love a sugar coating, on sugar coating, on fruit?

Put this in your mouf!

Put this in your mouf!

Granted, I think I am a little bias because I love me some sprinkles. Whenever sprinkles are available, I put that shizz on everything: ice cream, pudding, mousse, cookies, donuts, brownies, cake, you name it. Sprinkles have been the main stream dessert topping for decades so it is only natural Affy Tapple has jumped off this evolutionary sprinkle bridge.

The reason why I like sprinkles so much isn’t for the flavor; let’s be honest, sprinkles don’t really taste like anything. No, instead sprinkles are used to increase presentation values and more importantly, texture. That subtle crunch in your ice cream or brownie creates a satisfying sensation in your mouth that is rarely mimicked. With that said, and to my surprise, these sprinkles have actually retained their crispiness even after being submerged in sticky caramel for who knows how long. Like putting on a cold wet bathing suit, there is nothing worse than soggy sprinkles. Luckily, these orange, yellow and brown Halloween themed sugar nuggets are magical because they have failed to get soggy. If these sprinkles were all sogged out, this review would have been the exact opposite.

nom nom nom

nom nom nom

The only negative aspect about these Affy Tapples is the damn packaging. After all these years they still have not figured out how to make an easy open package, that transports well, and protects the product from spoilage. Instead we get this flimsy plastic casing that requires scissors, patience, and precision to open. And once you open one, it exposes the other two apples to the outside air which can easily cause premature spoilage. For such a great and fun treat, the packaging is pretty horrendous.

Might as well come in bubble wrap

Might as well come in bubble wrap

I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised to not only see this product on store shelves but that the taste, texture, and fall theme is top notch. Even the price was unbelievable – I scored this three-pack on sale at a local grocer for a meager $0.99! Besides actual Halloween candy, it is hard to image the trick-or-treat season without caramel apples. Now, Affy Tapple, with their dyslexic name, gives taffy apple fans something new to look forward to each year.


Also Try: putting sprinkles on pretty much anything
Better Than: anything pumpkin… seriously, can we just stop with all the pumpkin stuff already!?!
Wait For It: nog season

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