Frogger: Ancient Shadow

Frogger: Ancient Shadow is an action platformer for the whole family that merges the classic Frogger “hop-n-dodge� gameplay with platforming elements for an exciting new challenge. Join Frogger at his home in Firefly Swamp, where a dark secret has recently been uncovered. When an evil crocodile by the name of Dr. Wani tries to resurrect an ancient evil force that used to inhabit the swamp, it’s up to Frogger to save the day. Joining the hero on his adventures are two new playable characters, Lumpy, a friendly and carefree toad, and Berry, a teenage Amazon frog who performs as an acrobat in a traveling caravan, each with their own unique skills. Frogger: Ancient Shadow will feature a lily pad full of unlockables and extra stages that, when completed, open up additional endgame sequences. In addition, gamers will be able to play with up to three other friends in a series of Frogger mini games. As a special bonus, retro fans can enjoy a blast from the past as they unlock the original Frogger arcade game! Key Features: •Classic Frogger “hop-n-dodge� gameplay that players have come to know and love •Passwords integrated into the game that allows gamers to unlock content on handheld systems •New playable characters, Lumpy and Berry, will have their own unique skill sets •Wide range of character moves allowing players to climb walls, double jump, tongue grab and more •Theme song composed by Mutato Muzika, composer for the popular game Crash Bandicoot™ •Special bonus – Unlock the original 1981 Frogger arcade game, perfect for retro fans



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