Free Final Fantasy XI Xbox 360 Beta

Included in [i]Xbox Magazine[/i]’s February issue is a [i]Final Fantasy XI[/i] Free Beta-testing disc. This will allow 360 owners to explore Vana’Diel, the FFXI world, in full, for free, for the next two months on the Square-Enix’s special “Atomos” beta server until the entirely debugged version of FFXI is released.

[i]Final Fantasy XI[/i] on the 360 is a milestone in several ways. It is the first Square-Enix game being released on either Xbox console, and may very well usher in even more. It is the Xbox 360’s first MMORPG, and will soon be the first MMORPG to allow gamers from three different platforms (PS2, PC and Xbox 360) to play on the same servers. [i]Final Fantasy XI[/i] veterans should be prepared for the influx of new players that will mark the 360 version’s release.

FFXI players also have the [i]Treasures of Aht Urgan[/i] expansion to look forward to, that will add new job classes to the current repertoire, including the much-awaited Blue Mage class (which uses Scimitars and monster-based magics), as well as more equipment, new areas, and everything else expected of an expansion pack.

You can visit the [i]Final Fantasy XI[/i] official site at [URL][/URL]

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