Evolve Preview

Evolve is one of the most hyped up upcoming games of this year. Set to release on February 10, 2015 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One, Evolve is currently being developed by Turtle Rock Studios and published by 2K Games. Evolve is a co-op/competitive shooter video game that has been recently compared to titles of similar gameplay such as: Left 4 Dead, DeadSpace, and more. With 12 different types of Hunters in the game, as well as 2 different types of monsters, the Kraken and Goliath, Evolve is sure to give gamers a run for their money. The hunters are currently: Hank, Bucket, Lazarus, Abe, Griffin, Maggie, Markov, Hyde, Val, Cabot, Caira, and Parnell.

Welcome to the World of Evolve

What is different about Evolve from the rest of the survival shooting games is that Evolve alters the environment and dynamic of a competitively online multiplayer platform. Essentially, instead of pitting 4 players against another 4 players, how things are set up in Evolve is that a player gets to become a growing monster that has to battle against a team of 4 loaded hunters. This adds an extra element of surprise and excitement because there are hardly any games out in the market right now in the shooter genre that lets you become the enemy. The most exciting aspect of this is that you are the enemy that can play against of a team of players.

The Hunters and What They Bring To the Table

Evolve Hunters

It is only recently that Turtle Rock Studios revealed details about the final 4 hunters. Every hunter in the game bring their own personalities, abilities, and weapons to the table in order to battle against the vicious fiends and brutal beasts that plague the Evolve world. To give you a taste of what the hunters are like, Caira is a Medic. Armed with a grenade launcher and a various assortment of other weapons, Caira is simply bad to the bone. Not only can Caira launch grenades that destroy a horde of enemies, but that he also can launch healing grenades to heal your teams’ wounds. One of Caira’s most coveted abilities is her acceleration field. What this does is provide a speed boost to her and any surrounding teammates. This is ideal for running away or even swarming around your enemy.

The Vicious and Brutal Monsters

Evolve Monsters

There are 2 types of monsters that you can play as in Evolve. One is the Goliath and the other one is the Kraken. The Goliath is a vicious creature that is very predatory and hell bent on hunting his enemies down to kill them to oblivion. As you start the game, you can select 2 of the Goliath’s abilities and you evolve as you feed off of local wildlife. How the Goliath engages in combat with his enemies is that he engages them in close-quarters combat. It is said that this vile fiend is the strongest when he is attacking his opponent straight on top.

Prepare For Jaw Dropping Fun

 Evolve Gameplay

Whether you are playing as a Hunter or one of the monsters, you will be sure to enjoy yourselves. Play the good guy and slaughter your enemies, or play the bad guy and emerge victorious as the villain. Regardless of the role, prepare to blast through hordes of monsters if you are the hero and have fun taking down the Hunters if you are the monster.

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