EA’s Need for Josie Maran: Most Wanted

[b] By: Scott Schopman[/b]

[b]EA[/b] has been no stranger to put stars in their games, one example can be found in [i]Need for Speed Underground 2[/i] with actress model Brooke Burke. Well with the further advancing of the [i]Need for Speed[/i] franchise, EA has chosen to use model and actress Josie Maran as their leading lady in the upcoming [i]Need for Speed Most Wanted[/i] for the current generation platforms and the Xbox 360. Josie will be taking on the role of a local street racer named Mia.

Now I know as you read this most of you are Googling up Josie just to see what kind of hottie we can expect to be digitized for our gaming pleasure. Well [b]EA[/b] has helped us all out, us guy gamers I mean, so we can feel less ashamed by being attracted to a female videogame character by creating a new process that takes Hi-Definition footage of live actors and converts them into synthetic-looking videogame characters. What this basically means is that when you watch Josie in [i] Most Wanted [/i] it will look more like your watching her from a movie then a videogame.

“Video games are much more personal than films since it’s an interactive experience for the audience; it’s like being invited into their home,” said Maran. “For Need for Speed Most Wanted, we performed in front of a green screen, much like a Hollywood set, so all the gamers will see will be real-life video of the actors merged into environments from the game; it’s simply amazing.”

Other notable talent [b]EA[/b] has got for [i]Most Wanted[/i] our director, David Footman, cinematographer, Brian Pearson, as well as [b]EA’s[/b] own Senior Art Director and two-time Academy Award nominated visual effects supervisor, Habib Zargarpour, for the green screen video shoot with Maran.

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