DS Gets More Tamagotchi

Namco Bandai announced today that [i]Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop 2[/i] will released on the Nintendo DS this Winter.  Based on toy of the same name, players will assume a shop keeping role.  Players will play mini-takes, complete tasks, and converse with new and returning characters. 
"The Tamagotchi franchise has yet another great DS title with its sequel to Tamagotchi Connection," said Naruo Uchida, NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc.'s Senior Vice President. "By utilizing the DS's microphone and stylus functionality, a wide variety of exciting new mini-games and old favorites will be available for players to explore. Tamagotchi fans will also appreciate the new depth brought to the game by the happiness rating system in 'Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop 2'."

Players keep partners happy by using a Gotchi Point system.  These special points are used to clothe, feed, and tend to all Tamagotchi characters.  The more points that are collected, the more mini games and items are unlocked.  By using the DS’ mic, players can sing along to music in the Concern Hall.
For more information on Tamagotchi(R) products, please visit www.tamagotchi.com and stay with mygamer.com.

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