Disciples II: Guardians of the Light

Disciples II: Guardians of the Light is a stand-alone expansion that lets you dive into the fantastical world of Disciples II as either the Empire or the Mountain Clans.

The Empire is decaying from within as self-proclaimed rulers struggle for control of the now vacant throne while a cruel Inquisition sweeps across the human lands, causing rebellion and misery. Meanwhile the Clans, recovering from their near-destruction, begin to reunite their tribes. They have received divine instructions and now seek to uncover an ancient ritual that will let them communicate with their god, Wotan.

* Random map generator

* Multiple resolution support

* High level unit AI support

* Improved computer AI

* Improved editor

* Improved UI

* Auto-Resolve Combat mode

* Player can capture capitals

* Direct 3D support for improved performance

* Enhanced chat interface

* Support for large maps, 120×120 and 144×144

* All the updates for Disciples II: Dark Prophecy

* 2 new high-level mini campaigns and original Disciples II campaigns

* 16 skirmish/multiplayer maps including 10 never-before-seen maps

* 3 new special characters

* New capital backgrounds

* New battle backgrounds

* Four new music tracks

* Exclusive portfolio containing original concept art and sketches

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