Colorful Boi (PS4) Review with stream

A platformer obviously inspired by Super Meatboy, Colorful Boi is a low-cost and well-paced digital download that is also available on Switch.

Playing as an inky colored blob, the goal is to simply reach the end of the stage. Of course, there are many hazards in the way, mostly buzzsaws, but the difficulty never reaches impossible heights. Armed only with a jump, a speedier dash jump, and a wall jump, control is simple, approachable, and responsive. There are a few optional collectables to snag but there are no upgrades, secrets, or minigames which puts a limit on replay value. However, the floaty control is responsive and just feels right. It is not as floaty as N+, but lands in a sweet spot right in the middle.

Colorful Boi, with its simple solid color presentation, has a good amount of charm. Each jump leaves behind a squirt of ink. Each sawblade death results in ink splatters that remain and build with each attempt. Even the overall design of the menu is different as the player needs to run to each stage instead of simply selecting one from a text-based menu. You can see a glimpse of all this by watching my stream embedded in this article.

This game only cost $4 so it isn’t fair to nitpick fine details, but I wish there was an instant restart button. When trying to earn deathless clears, having to press start, scroll down, then hit the restart button can be tedious. The soundtrack is also awful; it is the same repeating short loop that gets annoying quickly. Finally, the flag indicating system is confusing at best. The starting zone for each stage is accompanied by a flag of a certain color. This color is supposed to indicate if a stage has been clear, if the circle collectable has been obtained, and if a stage has been cleared without a restart. But the colors of the flag transition from one another slowly, merging colors along the way so it is nearly impossible to understand its information. Expect a little tedium if going for that Platinum.

Colorful Boi is a simple, yet enjoyable Meatboy clone done right for its price. It is nothing you haven’t play before, but it does offer about an hour of mild but satisfying entertainment. Also, if you wanted to try before you buy, a free demo is available.

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

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A low-cost Super Meatboy clone with well-paced difficulty, Colorful Boi is a simple platformer with personality and a relatively easy Platinum.

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