Chuck E. Cheese Defends Pizza

UFO has released another Chuck E. Cheese game on the DSi and Nintendo eShop.  Official press release below:

UFO is pleased to announce the release of Chuck E. Cheese’s Alien Defense Force for Nintendo DSiWare on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. It’s no more fun and games when Aliens threaten to steal all of Earth’s pizza.

Published by UFO Interactive Games and developed by Ideas Pad Ltd., Chuck E. Cheese’s Alien Defense Force tosses pizza-loving players into the hot seat for an out-of-this-world mission: protect our pepperoni and save our slices from the Evil King of Planet Cheese before he steals all of Earth’s pizza. Defend against slice-stealin’ aliens as Chuck E., equipped with his trusty water blaster, or as Mr. Munch and his alien-walloping water balloons of justice. Four menacing alien overlords guard the entrance to lair of the King of Planet Cheese, but those aliens will be no match for Chuck. E. and Mr. Munch’s mighty arsenal…especially once the power of the Splash Combos are unleashed!

Go forth cadet, and put a stop to the Evil King of Planet Cheese and his galactic minions. The fate of Earth’s pizza is in your hands!

A gameplay trailer for Chuck E. Cheese’s Alien Defense Force, can be viewed on the UFO Interactive YouTube Channel:
Chuck E. Cheese’s Alien Defense Force is available for the Nintendo DSi Shop for 800 DSi Points and the Nintendo eShop for 3DS for $4.99.


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