Castlevania: Lament of Innocence

Castlevania is here and its in 3D, most people are worried because games like this that change from 2D to 3D and hit the big console usually don?ft bring that fun factor back that it had before, but it seems like Castlevania took the step very smoothly.


The graphics in Castlevania are great. The player models, walls, floors, monsters and anything that you?fre used to seeing in this game look very detailed and crisp at the same time. Games like this are usually about gameplay rather than graphics, but in this case we get both. The castle is huge, and while some rooms might look the same as the other ones, instead of getting annoyed you look at the detail and smoothness and feel better.


For a Castlevania game to succeed you will need to have the gameplay smooth, real loose and responsive, and that?fs what this game brings you. There?fs no lock on buttons and stupid ways to defeat enemies. Its just you, moving around beating the hell out of monsters everywhere much like in the old games for NES, and so on. Instead of bringing the leveling up from experience part of the game back, it’s now combos. The more you fight and get deeper into the game the more new attacks you will learn to make it more fun for you to defeat monsters. The game has many secrets that are very well hidden, and unless you check out all the rooms in the game, look for ledges, things on the walls, and floors, you might be checking message boards online on where to find these hidden things. You can beat the game without covering most secrets in a 6-8 hour span, but if you?fre a fan of this game you will find everything in it and get your moneys worth, because it?fs a good feeling to have every whip, relic, orb and accessory. It’s not your typical game with level by level then final guy, if you want to find out things you miss you will have to go back in the game to old levels that you may have completed to find a door you couldn?ft open before or bridge you could not cross. The gameplay is very easy to learn, and real fun to use, so it will make Castlevania fans happy along with those who want a good action game.


Except for the Gothic detail in the graphics, the sound is what makes Castlevania. The sound is great and everything you would want it to be. If you played all the old games it seems like there?fs a touch of every theme somewhere in the soundtrack. Every level and every part of a level you go in, a new theme will play to set the mood of the part of the castle you?fve entered, so you wont get annoyed with one thing stuck in your head the whole game. Along with the gameplay the sound makes it feel like it’s truly a castlevania product.


The replay factor in this game is good. After you beat the game you could play as a different character, a different difficulty level. There are also rumors of a sound test, all skills to start and things like that, so another trip through the game is not out of the picture.


If you?fve been a Castlevania fan since the early days of NES and you were sitting here worrying about what?fs going to happen when this game hits 3D, don?ft worry about it. The game has made the jump and passed its test, while some big Castlevania fans might be disappointed, they just have to realize that?fs your just not going to get 2D games like symphony of the night anymore. Take this game for what it is, because its one of the best 3D adventures that will bring back old memories at the same time.

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