Alien slithers in to the Next-Gen

Joe Sinicki

First, it was The Godfather, then Reservoir Dogs and Scarface. Seemingly every game developer is attempting to snatch up classic film property rights to give the video game treatment. The games are almost guaranteed to sell due to their built in fan base.

Sega has announced that it will team up with Twentieth Century Fox to produce games based on the classic Alien sc-fi movie franchise from director Ridley Scott. .

“Sega will utilize the power of next-Gen systems to blend the time-honored story with leading edge design technology to deliver a riveting and suspenseful gameplay experience,” said Simon Jeffery, president and chief operating officer at Sega of America.

Sega has stayed mum about official details regarding the upcoming franchise, but did say that a first person shooter and a role playing title are currently scheduled for a 2009 release, with more games to follow. An official site, which features no official information, has been set up at

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