Featuring sound, footage and ‘never-before-seen’ content from Oliver Stone’s epic film, Ubisoft’s Alexander PC game follows the rise of the legendary conqueror and his vast and exotic empire.

He was daring, brilliant and unstoppable. Playing as Alexander, or three of his mightiest rivals, players will employ bold tactics, unlimited resources, and morale-rousing leadership to win battles of unprecedented scale.

Now, real-time strategy gamers can relive the impossible triumphs that paved Alexander the Great?s path to glory.

* Alexander the Great, the Macedonian king renowned for his bold and brilliant military tactics.

* Poros, the Indian king who welcomed any battle, no matter how fierce.

* Darius, the King of Persia, and commander of a massive military force.

* Nectanebo, a cunning Egyptian pharaoh famed for his quick wits.

* Exclusive material from the movie: With movie footage integrated seamlessly into the game and music from illustrious composer Vangelis’s soundtrack, players can relive the epic motion picture starring Colin Farrell and directed by Oliver Stone.

* Armies from the ends of the Earth: Greek, Persian, Indian, and Egyptian armies pose distinct challenges, unleashing elephants, battleships, or any variety of authentic units across exotic and extensive terrains.

* Staggering on-screen scale: A breathtaking 64,000 units can rush the battlefield simultaneously, with 8,000 on-screen at one time.

* The resources of a vast empire: Rule an unparalleled empire with diverse armies on land and sea, 120 unique buildings, and unlimited natural resources.

* A multitude of objectives: Test your cunning and leadership through a deep campaign, random maps, and highly varied multiplayer missions.



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