WildStar (PC) Review

WildStar is an impressive MMORPG game recently released on the PC, although this game was discussed way back in 2005 when they were hoping this game would be a “WoW-killer”. While that is not likely to happen, WildStar is still an awesome game with a beautiful world to get lost in. Honestly, there is not much about this game that I can say is unique, but everything has a perfected feel to it. Carbine Studios did well, from the graphics to the challenges and rewards.

Basically, on WildStar players are claiming a planet on the edge of space where they can be Soldiers, Scientists, Settlers or Explorers. This is a very complex game, but it’s good to know the classes each provide the player with a completely unique experience.

Hotbar screenshot while playing WildStar for PC

When I first played WildStar the basic movements are what caught my attention, but it’s honestly hard to explain why. On this game you can double jump and the overall character animations looks amazing, so the basic movements just come off as natural. In the world of Nexus you are able to get around by foot or hovercraft, so you’re definitely not stuck walking forever like in other MMO games.

Nexus is quite the place to explore, and every part of the map was built with detail in mind. I am not sure why, but I find myself in remote locations all the time, and they are always built to perfection just like the rest of the world. This is worth mentioning because many MMO games can’t say the same, and I have been in many occasions where I hit invisible walls and objects that were out of place.

The Beautiful World of Nexus

It makes sense that every part of the world was built with great care because this game is all about exploration. Just like many other multiplayer online games, WildStar features a nice upgrade and skill system. Basically, your character levels up, you get new skills and then you can add them to the hotbar at the bottom of the screen. If you have ever played Diablo (or any other MMO) then you know what I am talking about. It’s the same concept, slash away at your enemies so you can level up and become more powerful with new skills.

There’s also a great deal of items in the game that you will want to collect, and this is what I used to love about Diablo 2 back in the early 2000s. WildStar took a lot of the proven concepts from other MMOs and perfected them to make an awesome, colorful game. Literally, Nexus is probably the most colorful world I have ever seen in an MMO game.

No matter how you travel in WildStar, you will come across many battles. This is why it’s extremely important to level up your character and pick a specific strategy. Spells don’t usually get aimed at a specific enemy, but they usually affect an entire area. You have claws to slash away with if your enemies are close, and you can even shoot them down if you prefer. Just because the game uses a lot of old MMO concepts does not mean that they didn’t bring anything fresh to the experience.

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