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You remember Wario, don't you? The demented, huge mustache sporting, yellow and purple wearing, doppleganger to the rotund Italian plumber we all know and love? Of course you do. But what you might not know, and what I'm here to tell you, is that Wario is going to break onto the scene yet again in his latest adventure which will be released on the Wii. The game is titled Wario Ware: Smooth Moves and will start with Wario, while chasing after some beast that stole his sandwich discovering a curious device called the Form Baton(it looks like a Wii Remote; coincidence at work, right?). Wario figures out that you can do different things with this object depending on how he holds it and so, by association, will you.

Despite the new look and feel that the game will give the players, there will be a gaggle of old characters that players of the previous Wario games will recognize. There's Mona, Jimmy, 9-Volt, Oburlon, Dr. Crygor(there must always be at least one doctor) and the numerous other familiar characters. In addition to this bunch there will be others like Penny Crygor, Master Mantis, and Young Cricket. The list of characters alone piques my interest, in addition to the plethora of things you can do in the game.

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Once this marvelous gadget has been obtained from the Temple of Form, both you and Wario will start learning new tricks; you with your Wii remote and he with his Form Baton. These lessons will carry themselves over into 200 different games that will utilize a never reached level of interactivity. You can use it as a fry pan, a drill, a dumbbell, a steering well and other ways, in a grand total of 15 different methods. 9 Volt's stages in the game will feature duplications from other well known Nintendo games, which will add a classical edge to the gameplay. The multiplayer experience will be spotty; most of the games are single player, but several can hold anywhere from 2-5 players, and one can entertain a whopping 12 players in unison.

Wario Ware: Smooth Moves will be released in stores all across the United States January 17th, 2007. Until then, you can keep coming back to for more information as other facts become available.

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