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The headset market has never been more crowded and v-moda wants its piece of the audiophile pie. The crowdsourced M-100 model features one of the most compact headset designs ever seen but carries a high price point, accessories like the mic are sold separately, lacks the ability to connect to a computer via USB and is simply stereo – no surround sound.

V-Mode M100 HeadsetThe biggest bullet point for this M-100 model is its superior construction and compact design. This over-the-head headset can be folded inward to reduce its surface area significantly (I’d say about 50%+) which makes portability better than any headset I have experienced. Coupled with the included clamshell carrying case, the M-100 was designed with transportation and storage in mind. Each ear cup can be independently snapped into place, confirmed with a firm and satisfying click sound.

Unboxing the V-Moda M-100 Headset

It folds into itself

It folds into itself

After wearing this headset for hours continuously, I experienced no discomfort whatsoever even with eyeglasses. While this is an obvious feature that any headset should strive for, it is amplified here with the M-100 model as it prides itself on noise canceling, clear audio sound. The lightweight of the unit also helps with the high comfort level and the leather head strap is also highly customizable – big headed people need not worry. You will want to wear this headset tight to deafen the outside noise to get the full effect of the high quality audio capabilities.

"R" and "L" are engraved on the inside of each cup

“R” and “L” are engraved on the inside of each cup

And high quality audio this headset is. To put it simply, everything just sounds clearer. Other headsets drown out higher tones with amplified bass which might only be more ideal for bass heavy music. This M-100 model features sound that seems to naturally be amplified through clarity. Positively, there is no obnoxious bass to compete with despite having notable lower tones as well. Also, this headset has the ability to use either the left or right ear cup to house the stereo 3.5mm cable which makes the entire experience that much more comfortable and customizable.

The unit comes with a rat's nest of wires

The unit comes with a rat’s nest of wires

This unit comes bundled with a few different accessories: the main stereo cable that has a mute button, a splitter cable, the clamshell carrying case, and a ¼” adapter. Each cable is composed of a durable material that actually feels like a rounded but strong shoelace. This additional ruggedness adds to the overall durable presentation as these cords shouldn’t deteriorate or kink easily. There is also a little storage binding inside the corners of the clamshell carrying case to contain these cables. This thoughtful design also comes with a clip to attach to your backpack or purse with ease. Unfortunately, the case itself doesn’t lay flat and could potentially roll off a table or rattle but is coated with what seems to be a water resistant casing. Smaller than a softball but bigger than a baseball, the overall size of the product is impressively tiny even when stored inside the case.

V-Mode M100 Unit

Although the product features high quality sound output, a creative storage design, and an impressive aesthetic (even the packaging design is unique), there are some negative aspects that unfortunately mar the whole experience. First is the price point. At $310 dollars, the high price point is rather difficult to justify considering that quality wireless 7.1 surround sound units sell for less. In fact, there are many other surround sound units that are significantly lower priced. Worse, there is no option to connect to a computer via USB and the mic accessory is sold separately – add another $20 on top of the $310. Out of the box, with the additional mic accessory purchase, this unit is compatible with PS4 as users just need to plug it into the PS4 controller but Xbox One users will need to purchase the $20 adapter from Microsoft if you want to use this headset. With this said this headset really isn’t great for gaming due to the lack of surround sound and mic options and can’t even be used for Podcasting since there is no USB option. At least the mic is small, can be inserted into either ear cup, and is rather adjustable. There is, however a 2-year warranty and v-moda offers the option to customize ear cups with engraving offers for an additional fee. Not that it is fully necessary but there is no instruction manual on how to use the mic either. The optional, different ear cup accessories also come with no instructions so users will have no clue how to remove old ones or insert the new ones.

The inside is like opening Dracula's coffin

The inside is like opening Dracula’s coffin

There is no question that the v-moda M-100 unit is a quality headset that provides a tough-as-nails design and stellar audio quality. If you listen to music on your phone and looking for a headset that that doesn’t skimp on portability or sound quality, this is a headset that is worth your time if you don’t mind paying the exceedingly high price tag of $310; users are paying for portability over options. But if you are a gamer or PC user, this headset will simply not work from the complete lack of USB/HDMI and surround sound.

Be wear, the case doesn't lay flat and will roll

Be weary, the case doesn’t lay flat and will roll


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