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Stop the "brain drain" and improve your mental prowess with Mega Brain Boost, a new Nintendo DS game from Majesco Entertainment Company an innovative provider of video games and digital entertainment products for the mass market.  Developed by Interchannel-Holon, Mega Brain Boost is actually three-games-in-one: the previously released Brain Boost Gamma Wave and Brain Boost Beta Wave, plus a third never-before-released game that offers an additional set of exercises designed to improve memory and concentration.

"By packaging three distinct games within 1 game cartridge and pricing the total package at  $19.99, we're offering a great deal of value to consumers looking for quality entertainment," said Ken Gold, Vice President of Marketing, Majesco.  "Each game within Mega Brain Boost offers a completely different set of fun, yet challenging, brain training problems designed to enhance mental acuity."

Mega Brain Boost encompasses three separate games developed under the consultation of renowned researcher and author, Dr. Makoto Shichida, creator of the Right Brain Development Theory. Shichida's theory holds that you can develop your right brain by increasing your recognition of images, shapes, spatial patterns, illustrations and intuition. He established the Shichida Method of education that entails daily training of repeated drills, absorbing large amounts of information quickly and being able to accurately reproduce those images visually in order to stimulate the right brain.

Mega Brain Boost includes Brain Boost Beta Wave, Brain Boost Gamma Wave plus a bonus third game. Collectively, the three games include 15 sets of multiple choice based brain training drills along with a multiplayer feature that lets 2 players face off against one another to determine who the bigger brainiac is.

Mega Brain Boost will be available in January 2008 for a suggested retail price of $19.99.  For additional information, please visit

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