TOCA Race Driver 2006 announced

With the recent release of Forza MotorSport for the Xbox and the track record of the Gran Turismo series (their latest edition being Gran Turismo 4) for the PS2, it seems like no other Racing Sims can really compare to these two stellar titles when it comes to graphics, physics, and overall realism. But with a Next-Gen Handling Engine, Comprehensive Championship Features, New Audio Technology and Enhanced Rendering Engine,[b]TOCA Race Driver 2006[/b] from [i]Codemasters[/i] looks to be added to the Racing-Sim competition with it’s release next winter for both Xbox and Playstation 2.

[b] TOCA Race Driver 2006[/b] will feature 100+ customizable championship racing features for both offline and online play. To name just a few, players will have the option to activate qualifying, race flags, pit stop refueling and tire strategies.

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[b]TOCA Race Driver 2006

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