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In 1981 a video game dynasty was born with the release of a title that featured a gorilla, a plumber, and a damsel in distress. That title was Donkey Kong and it has since spawned numerous sequels and spin-offs. Mario branched off into his own adventures and eventually shared the limelight with his arch-nemesis, Wario. Wario will soon set out on a new endeavor, this time on Nintendo’s next generation handheld, the Nintendo DS. He accidentally stumbles upon a DS and instantly sees the opportunity to make some cold hard cash. In Warioware: Touched!, Wario assembles his team of wacky game developers to embark on a new money making adventure.

In Japan, Warioware was a Nintendo DS launch title with the name Sawaru Made in Wario, but it’s coming to the US this February. Warioware: Touched! features 180 microgames for your gaming pleasure. Wario appears on the DS’s top screen and drops boxes to the bottom one, where it opens to an assortment of quirky microgames. Games last around 5 seconds, and you’ll have 35 seconds to finish as many games as possible. At the beginning of each game you are given a clue as to how to clear the level. Warioware is totally dependent on the Nintendo DS’s touch screen feature and, in some games, the microphone, too. The microgames range from milking a cow to rescuing a mouse. You can use the stylus and touch screen to drag a net and catch some fish, or to cut a rope to drop a cage around a duck. Players might have to erase or draw pictures, or slice at food that gets thrown at them.

Play a character’s series of exciting microgames to unlock further characters and earn strange souvenirs, including a pet chameleon and a ping-pong set. Characters include: Wario-Man, 9-Volt, 18-Volt, Ashley, Red, Mona, Dr. Crygor, Mike, Jimmy, Kat, and Ana. Once a player clears a character’s microgames the playing field becomes more challenging. The character’s microgrames become more difficult and less time is placed on the clock.

Gameplay in Warioware looks fast paced and simplistic through its presentation. Those gamers familiar with the series can expect the look and sound of Touched! to certainly be on par with the other Warioware titles, complete with cartoon scenery and wacky sounds. Warioware is sure to deliver a gaming experience that will offer a nice change from the status quo. As a game, Warioware will be easy to pick up and play–but just as easy to put down, too. With its frenzied pacing, crazy games, and timed challenges, Warioware: Touched! will likely join the ranks of other quirky DS titles in no time. With the plethora of games on the market today, the Warioware party game franchise stands out for its constant innovation and unusual delivery mechanics. Warioware: Touched! on the DS will appeal to a wide range of gamers, but especially to those who love to play on the move, or are always short on time.

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