The Insensitivity Of The Internet Driver.

All of us, while out there on the road in one way or another, have encountered thoughtless drivers. There are people who cut us off at highway turnoffs, those who choose to tailgate us for miles at a stretch, the hapless individual who likes both lanes so very much but can't bear to play favorites, and also the absent minded turn signaler. All of these are irritating at best and, at worst, downright dangerous but they are matched and sometimes exceeded by the rudeness of the Internet driver.

Vehicles are an important part of games; they always have been, they always will be. They carry us to and from danger. They allow us to explore strange and bizarre lands full of equally strange and bizarre(not to mention) dangerous things. With the advent of the online game, however, the in game vehicle's role has soared to new heights. In particular Battlefield 2 took team combat to a different level, when it centered team combat around vehicles that had different slots for different players to fill. It was supposed to allow for more cooperation between team players and allow for more realism in the game. But, sadly, there is a downside. What is it, you ask? It is the frequent thoughtlessness of the in game driver.



Imagine the scene: you are walking along a dusty road, your virtual rifle slung over your virtual shoulder, as you march to a point your squad leader has ordered you to capture. Suddenly you hear a new noise that is coming down the road behind you that, happily, turns out to be a jeep driven by one of your squadmates. All the other seats are empty; you can hitch a ride to the site and not have to suffer the silliness of walking all that way only to get blown up and have to do it again. "Hey, I need a ride!" you shout at the driver. He pays you no heed and drives on, no doubt humming a favorite tune to himself. Apparently the "No hitchhikers's rule" applies online as well.

Back at your base you are fortunate enough to find something that will really help you in the struggle: a tank! You stand there for a few seconds, admiring it's sturdy construction, when all of a sudden you hear the tank's engine rev up. Someone, with the same mind as yourself, has leapt into the driver's position and started it up. They can operate the main gun now! They drive past you, more often then not, ignoring your wild gesticulations and bursts of handheld weapon fire at their rear. This doesn't happen every time, as some recognize the need for a gunner, but often you are left to choke on their dust.



At last, the vehicle is yours! Be it jeep, APC, or even the treasured tank, you are at last happily driving -something-. But, oddly, your squadmates and team mates seem to take less interest in you. Your invitations to "hop in!" are often ignored and, if followed, are often typified by sudden mysterious ejections from the turret position at odd moments. If the driver's seat is occupied, then they'd rather have nothing to do with you.

You are driving down the main road which, in the distance, has a right turn that leads deeper into the city. From this side road, going at full clip, an APC will pop up and ram you full on in the side. Ramming is a time honored, if insane, military tactic but there is no need for them to show it off to you. You have faith in their skill at it, especially considering that your vehicle has a large dent in the side they hit.



A soldier's life, both in real life and in game, does necessitate a great deal of hurry. But try to remember, when you were stuck walking because you couldn't hitch a lift, and give what is in your power to give. Be aware, friends, be aware..that's the way to win.

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