TGS: New Soul Calibur Fighter Detailed

People who watched the first [i]Soul Calibur IV[/i] trailer must have seen the odd new female character, head-to-toe in armor (bringing her singlular distinction from female fighting game characters).  Well, the new character, named Hilda, is getting detailed.   

The trailer showed her using two different weapons at once; a spear and a short sword.  The two weapons will be mapped to the vertical and horizontal attack buttons seperately, significantly different from Cervantes, the other dual-wielding character in the long-running series. Her backstory is that she is trying to end the perpetual hunt for the Soul Edge, the evil sword that all the characters in the series are clamoring for, by killing everyone after it. 

Other new characters will be appearing between now and [i]SC4[/i]'s release.  Keep an eye on Mygamer for further announcements.

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