Take Two CEO “Worst of the Year”

Take-Two has certainly taken more than two knocks over the lifespan of the company, and if the latest news is any indicator, it should be prepared to take a whole lot more. Columnist Herb Greenberg at [a] http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story.asp?dist=ArchiveSplash&param=archive&siteid=mktw&guid={3C3ACCDE-CC12-4D1C-BB71-0483577E5CD7}&garden=&minisite=[aa]MarketWatch[/a], an online financial publication, has recently named Paul Eibeler, current CEO at [a] http://www.take2games.com/[aa]Take Two Interactive[/a], the ?Worst CEO of the Year.?

Greenberg ripped mercilessly into Eibeler in his column, citing missed earnings targets for multiple financial quarters, the multiple setbacks regarding the release of several games, and, naturally, the company?s poor handling of the ?Hot Coffee? scandal of [i]Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas[/i], for his decision to award Eibeler the dubious honor. ?In the end, the buck stops with the guy at the top and at Take-Two that would be Paul Eibeler,? concludes Greenberg as he offers condolences to stockholders. Even if Take-Two doesn?t get burned politically due to the controversial games it publishes, it could still very well get burned financially, putting Take-Two in twice the jeopardy.

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