Super Jagger Bomb (PS4) Review with stream

With obvious inspiration from Tecmo’s Mighty Bombjack series, Super Jagger Bomb is a one note, repetitive arcade-like experience with little to offer.

Playing as some dude in a weird hook nose mask, the goal is to collect all the balloons for each of the game’s 100 available stages. With no offensive capabilities whatsoever, the player can only dodge deadly enemies like generically bouncing soccer balls that can sometimes spawn right on top of you resulting in instant, unfair deaths.  Everything is stacked against the player include your own sanity.

The stupidly loose play control only yields frustration in a game that demands fast, accurate movement. Each balloon that needs to be collected is static, but it is a challenge to grab because the slightest tap feels like skating down a frozen water slide. Stage design and balloon layouts also repeat, the sound effects are some of the worse I’ve ever heard, and you cannot save your progress to continue later.

The only saving grace from this generic, one-dimensional game comes from the Trophies. Every 5-10 stages, the player unlocks a Trophy until the Platinum is earned. However, there is a level select option on the main home screen that allows the player to jump to any stage instantly so all Trophies can be unlocked in just a few minutes without much effort. Just remember that you need to tap down on the d-pad to increase the stage number – another sign there is no polish or care with this final product.

Unless you are a Platinum trophy hunter, there is no reason to buy or play this joke of an arcade game. The online leaderboard function does upload scores either. With such boring, repetitive, and frustrating gameplay, players are better left to play the original Mighty Bombjack as this knock off does nothing to improve the formula, and in fact, makes it worse.

Not As Good As: Tecmo’s original

Be Aware That: the game calls you a Jagger Master for earning the Platinum  

Wait For It: an endorsement from Jägermeister

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

Twitter: @ZackGaz

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Our Rating - 3.5


Total Score

A Mighty Bombjack clone that only causes frustration, anger, and rage but has an easy Platinum.

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