Starbound (PC) Indie Preview


If you’ve been around the market  a bit, you may be aware of the game known as “Terraria.” It was a fantastic success a few years back, released by an indie team mainly comprised of Redigit, known for Super Mario Bros. X, and Tiy, a professional pixel artist. Yet the game eventually lost its momentum and updates were released far less often–until the game was “completed” and left to the modding community.  So, today, we bring you news of a brand new side-scrolling game, much like Terraria. Tiy, the aforementioned pixel artist, has teamed up with a few other developers to create the game “Starbound.” For those unaware of Terraria, think of Starbound as a 2D Minecraft–a sandbox game ripe for the player’s influence.


Starbound Details/Gameplay

This upcoming release is wonderfully presented and features a revolutionized style of gameplay. While it has many similarities to Terraria, the focus surrounds the idea of unlimited and randomized worlds, leaving the player to an entirely original and fresh experience every time. When playing the game, your goal is wholly up to you. You can fly between worlds and explore each one individually or set up camp on one world and build a base to be proud of. The entire universe is at your disposal to do whatever you wish.

A Lab within Starbound

A Lab within Starbound


Unlike Terraria, there are multiple combinations of six races you can choose from. Firstly, there are the Humans, which shouldn’t need an explanation. Secondly, there are the Apex, ape-like humanoids that traded intellectual evolution for physical devolution. Thirdly, the Avians, bird-like creatures that lost their wings upon entering the mortal world. Fourthly, Florans, plant-like beings that are unisex and highly hostile–contrary to their physique. Fifthly, the Hylotl, amphibious beings that appears to have fins. And lastly, the Glitch, robotic humanoids programmed and built by an unnamed race for the purpose of viewing cultural development. Each of these races have their own strengths and weaknesses, so it will be up to you to decide what is best suited for you. If you’re interested in getting ready for release, you can check out the character creator.

The Character Creator Machine

The Character Creator Machine


The procedurally generated worlds are only the beginning. Not only is the land procedurally generated, but so are the characters, aliens, animals, plants, and descriptions. Each and every planet is thoroughly unique. By spending time on each planet, you’re also able to build up a collection of data from your surroundings to be stored in an electronic logbook. When you’ve built up a formidable set of data, you can share this with your friends so they know exactly what to look for!

An Example of Randomized Plants

An Example of Randomized Plants


Aside from the imaginative aspect of the game, there’s also a practical aspect. It is completely and utterly cooperative. You can beam your friends in and play through a few worlds: exploring, destroying, building, creating, identifying… anything! Then they can pop out for a bit, off to their daily lives. Using specific coordinates and locations, they can also visit the same planets that you did. Think of those like a seed, by giving your friends that seed, they can find it in their own singleplayer game and view it in its original state.


Starbound’s Release Date

Now, now, I know you’re excited! But you have to be patient. The developing team, Chucklefish, hasn’t announced a release date quite yet. All we know is that you should see the game up for individual purchases in the first half of twenty-thirteen, according to several interviews of the Starbound team. We hope that this will be true and will see you in-game!



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