Sierra Entertainment announces new CAESAR title

Yesterday Sierra Entertainment, creator of such titles as [i]Caesar III[/i], [i]Pharoh[/i], and [i]Empire Earth[/i], announced that it will be releasing the fourth volume in it's [i]Caesar[/i] series of PC games September 26th of this year. This chain of games have, at it's heart, the ability to the player to assume control of a province in Imperial Rome, build it up, trade with other areas of the Roman Empire, and assume new posts and challenges until you finally make it to the heart of the Empire itself. You will have to monitor all the goings on within your province such as the financial situation, urban development, and maintaining the military forces designed to protect your province from attack. The game also promises new effects such as realistic looking weather and a day night cycle, along with 75 different characters for the player to interact with, and 100 hours of gameplay. For more information there is the official website here at and, of course, right here at

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