RealNetworks achieves milestone

By Joe Little

RealNetworks has surpassed the 150 million game downloads milestone, according to a company press release. Showing the significant business casual games can be, about 1.8 million downloads of games for RealArcade are happening weekly, showing that more people seemingly more appealed to it than other games.

“Millions of everyday people are experiencing games for grownups because they find casual games to be simple, accessible, friendly entertainment for the whole family to play,” said Andrew Wright, Vice President of Games for RealNetworks Inc. “We’ve been able to capture a lot of that growth at RealArcade by offering a product that consumers consistently rank as one of the best on the Web.”

The ISG group discovered in a recent survey that the casual gaming audience is mostly occupied by women and families. Two-thirds of customers were women and another two-thirds were children according to their surveys. Nearly 49 percent of RealArcade players said that access the service daily, and 25 percent of families use their time downloading games for their children.

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