Nyko Releases New 360 Gadgets

Nyko Technologies has just launched a couple new products to compliment the new Xbox 360 Elite. 

The Intercooler EX improves upon the original model by adding a few new features.  Besides supporting the wireless adapter, there is a new locking mechanism that supports a sturdy hold to the system.  To keep your system looking sleek, this new model houses a black matte finish.  This cooling system is sold for $19.99

The new Charge Station 360 is also being re-released with a black color scheme.  Two NiMH battery pack, along with a dual port charger, operate on a standard AC current.  This provides a faster charge than USB.  Each battery pack is said to contain up to 25 hours of gameplay time. This charge station has a retail value of $29.99.

"Nyko is a company dedicated to delivering what our customers want whether it is augmenting our existing products or providing new solutions that enhance their overall gaming experience," said Chris Arbogast, marketing manager at Nyko Technologies. "The Intercooler EX and Charge Station 360 compliment the Xbox 360 Elite and deliver new features that fans of the originals have been asking for." 

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