Nintendo DS gets ready for weekend launch

By Quinton Miles

Later this weekend, Nintendo will officially begin to roll out shipments for their upcoming Nintendo DS handheld. Boasting two dual screens, touch-screen, and voice regocnition features, the DS has already initially sold out of its first shipment of one million units and the trend should continue until the year’s end.

“Retailers began calling for more Nintendo DS units even before the first ones arrived,” explains Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of sales & marketing. “They’re reflecting the demands of game players for entirely new ways to enjoy games — not just playing the same old games on a different platform.

“It really comes down to delivering a new experience and that’s what we’re doing.”

By the end of the first quarter next year, the DS looks to have around 20 to 25 games available from a host of publishers. In addition, the device is backwards compatible with Game Boy Advance SP, a system that already has a library of more than 550 games.

Interest in Nintendo DS is very high as we head into the holidays,” says Jeff Griffiths, CEO and president of Electronics Boutique. “This is a must-have item for a wide variety of people, older and younger, this holiday season.”

The Nintendo DS will sell for $149.99, and well officially launch on November 20.

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