NFSU 2 announced for Nintendo DS

By Quinton Miles

Electronic Arts officially announced [i]Need For Speed Underground 2[/i] for the Nintendo DS this morning. Based on the game that has sold millions of copies for the consoles and PC, the DS version will make use of the system’s touch screen technology so gamers can create their own custom vinyl designs in the “Design Studio” and apply them to our car. It will also support wireless link so four players can hook up and race head-to-head.

“Nintendo DS is a great platform that helps us offer Need for Speed fans a new way to play games on the go,” said Nick Ferguson, assistant producer, EA Canada. “Whether it’s customizing your own ride, racing friends via the wireless multiplayer, or using the touch-screen nitrous controls for that extra boost, Need for Speed Underground 2 for the Nintendo DS really puts the power of tuner racing in the palm of your hands.”

[i]Need For Speed Underground 2[/i] ships for the DS this spring.

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