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Mutant Mudds is that one game that keeps appearing on my 3DS eShop screen telling me to buy it.  Nintendo keeps telling me to buy this game like some kind of mind worm that knows just enough to keep itself on the surface level and out of sight enough that you aren’t going to become overly concerned about it.  I will admit that I had thought about the game before on my handheld, but the screenshot and media on that system never seemed to do it any favors and I always seemed to end up siding with the fact that it probably just wasn’t for more, or anyone over the age of 12.  It turns out that I was entirely wrong about that.

The new stages in the DELUXE version are rather challenging

The new stages in the DELUXE version are rather challenging

Aside from probably going down in history by having the least flattering screenshots ever, Mutant Mudds is difficult and gets that way rather quickly without remorse.  Because I am pretty sure that the game, and by extrapolation the people who made it, directly hate me it seems only fitting that they should include several more challenging bonus levels for the PC version for me to play.  I can’t get through some of the standard levels, I see no reason at all that they should throw more difficult variations at me as a way of selling this game short when it was originally published on the 3DS.

Jump between fore/backgrounds like Warioland for Virtual Boy

Jump between fore/backgrounds like Warioland for Virtual Boy

In my defense Mutant Mudds Deluxe is clearly designed from the ground up to be played on a system that can display a visual difference between the fore and background.  On the PC, the effect of jumping back and forth looks neat but only in the same way that watching a 3D movie when people are constantly juggling or doing skateboard flips would probably have been way cooler if there was some kind of techno-sorcery going on.  That isn’t to say that the game isn’t worth buying, it is a great experience for anyone; you should buy it on the system it was designed for, the 3DS.  This is a function and enjoyable port for those that do not have the system, or who just want to play more, but this game is just designed from the ground up to be portable and have neat little visual effects.  At the very least, play the free downloadable demo on the 3DS eShop.
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