Metal Gear Solid 4 officially confirmed

By David Craddock

Just days before [i]Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater[/i] is set to storm retail shelves, Konami shareholders were briefed on the future of the ground-breaking stealth espionage series, which included news on Metal Gear Solid 4.

During the Q&A session at Konami’s midterm earnings report press conference, an investor asked the inevitable question: will there be a Metal Gear Solid 4? Konami Computer Entertainment Japan president Motoyuki Yoshioka responded that there will indeed be a fourth entry in the series, and possibly more after that.

“We already have ideas in our mind on what the fourth release of Metal Gear Solid will be like,” Yoshioka said. “We believe that we can continue to develop more titles in the series. We hope that you will support us in this decision.”

Be sure to check back in with us as more information is released.

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