The Marvellous Miss Take! Steals on Steam

Arriving November 20th to the Steam Store is The Marvellous Miss Take! A bold and compelling take on the action-heist genre for PC and Mac, The Marvellous Miss Take is a game that will thrill players of all types with its quick pickup-and-play ease and ever revealing depth.

In preparation for the heist of the century, Rising Star Games has pulled back the curtain on the official website for The Marvellous Miss Take, readied the Steam Store page, where thieves-in-training can add the game to their wishlist, and have also revealed an all-new trailer for The Marvellous Miss Take as well!
Miss Sophia Take is a new kind of heroine who is gearing up for a new kind of heist; the rightful heir to a stolen art fortune she’s determined to take back what is hers. To do so she needs to be smart, cunning, and quick in a daring adventure that is spread across London’s heavily guarded art galleries.

Packed with thought-provoking dilemmas and high-security measures,The Marvellous Miss Take uses organized chaos to keep players on their toes. Successfully pilfering portraits is not as easy as it seems thanks to guards that decide their patrol routes on the fly, security cameras keeping watch, and even innocent gallery-goers just visiting to admire the art. Only by using quick wits can players hope to grab the loot and escape unseen. And the best part? With a heist this big she won’t be doing it alone…

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