Lego Star Wars 2 Announced

Star Wars games had a stellar year in 2005. Games like [I]Republic Commando[/I], [I]Battlefront 2[/I], and [I]Revenge of the Sith[/I] helped capture the realism of the Star Wars universe. However, [I]Lego Star Wars[/I] did exactly the opposite by recreating Star Wars Episodes 1-3 in Lego form. With co-op play, destructible environments, and lots of unlockables, it was easy for any Star Wars fan to get hooked on it. The game was such a hit, that LucasArts has decided to do the next logical step, which is to give the original trilogy the Lego treatment. This time around, LucasArts will publish the game, replacing Eidos, who published the first [I]Lego[/I]. Developer Traveler’s Tales will once again do the honors. Expect to be able to build your own vehicle out of the famous blocks. Expect to customize your own characters. Expect it this Fall, for Xbox, PS2, and PC. Also, expect it to rock.

[I]Lego Star Wars[/I] will release this Fall, and should see PS2, Xbox, and PC versions. Could the GCN version of this actually come out alongside its brethren this time around? Only time will tell.

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