Leaked Target Ad Confirms Wave 3 Amiibos Launching Super Bowl Sunday Feb 1

Next week’s Target ad features three of Wave 3 amiibos: Toon Link, Bowser, and the Target exclusive Rosalina And Luma.  This information has been confirmed by the leaked Target ad.  Image below.


While it is not shown in the ad, Sheik is also scheduled to be released on Sunday.  But just like the rest of the amiibo craze, do not expect these units to sit on shelves for long.

MyGamer has also learned that each figure will be sold at retail in very limited quantities.  While each Target location will vary, each location is only supposed to receive about 6-12 of each Toon Link, Sheik, and Bowser.  The good news is, these figures will probably be resupplied in time. However, the Rosalinas are doubtful to make a return given the exclusive nature of this particular amiibo.  There is supposed to be a slightly higher quantity of Rosalinas available at each location but these will probably be sold out the quickest.

Full page. Amiibos in bottom right corner

Full page. Amiibos in bottom right corner

This means Sunday Bowl Sunday might be interrupted with potential amiibo shopping.

Next week's Target cover

Next week’s Target cover

So what do you think?  Will you wait in line to try and snag one of this amiibos?  If so, which one?  Let us know in the comments below. You can also pick up a free $20 PSN card if you buy a PS4 next week too.

Stay with myGamer as we find more details.

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