Johnny Kung Fu Strikes 3DS eShop

UFO Interactive Games has announced the release of Johnny Kung Fu on the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo 3DS.

Designed and developed internally by UFO Interactive Games, Johnny  Kung Fu is an  old school side-scrolling game that puts a modern spin  on vintage roots. Enjoy intense beat 'em up-style gameplay, including stages inspired by the classic Game & Watch games! Decimate hordes of henchmen, dodge meat cleavers, and save Paula with your Kung Fu skills!

Johnny Kung Fu puts you into the Kung Fu garb of a seemingly everyday man named Johnny. The organized crime group Mr. Wang Gang-led by the mysterious man known as Mr. Wang-seems to have a bone to pick with Johnny, and has captured his girlfriend Paula. Knowing that an ambush awaits him, Johnny nevertheless chases the kidnappers into one of Mr.Wang's highrise towers.

Will Johnny be able to save Paula? Or will the Mr. Wang Gang prevail?

A new trailer for the Johnny Kung Fu can be seen at:

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