It’s Only an Opinion…Predictions for 2005

The holiday season is winding down and everyone has had their chance to play with all their new toys and to enjoy the creature comforts that come along with a week away from work or school. I recently flicked through my calendar of coming events and noticed that January is a pretty bare month for the gaming elite. February isn’t much better, either; it’s mostly just rehashes and console games ported over for release on the PC. So what is a ravenously opinionated person (my good self) to do during these lean gaming months? Well, I figured I’d take the opportunity to blow the layers of accumulated gypsy dust from the ol’ crystal ball and introduce you to: Ken’s Lucky Heather Countdown, or Top Ten Video Game Predictions 2005.

Snazzy title, eh? Stare into the void of the mystical ball, search through the gathering mists and see

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