Horror Block April 2015 Review

Here’s another awesome box from Nerd Block (these guys are killing it!). As we mentioned, they have 5 different packages you can subscribe to for around $20 each, plus shipping. This one is the Nerd Block Horror box with April’s theme being Pop Horror. Muahahahaha…let’s see what we got!


A Bates Motel mug that Mother would love

Horror Block

A very cool exclusive Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Vinyl

Horror Block

For Evil Dead lovers, an “I Love Evil” T-Shirt (very badass)

Horror Block

Ready for a shot? Get your drink on with these “Killer” shot glasses

Horror Block

A Rue Morgue magazine with an exclusive peak inside the next season of Hannibal and other Horror industry news

Horror Block

Heeeeeeeere’s your very own Overlook Hotel Coasters from the Shining


This box was by far my favorite of the mystery boxes and 100% worth the $19.99 +shipping! This Horror Box was jam packed with the coolest items and I honestly can’t decide which horrifying goody was my favorite! As I wear my Evil Dead shirt and sip from my Bates Motel mug, I am in horror heaven!

Edit: Upon further review, we realized that we received a dupe item from Nerd Block! We’re a little disappointed to see the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Vinyl appear in both the Horror AND Classic blocks for the same month….hopefully this isn’t a trend with our Nerd Block buddies!

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