Harmonix to Offer User-Created Content for Rock Band

Big news in the music game genre today as MTV Games and Harmonix announce the Rock Band Network, a program that lets users make and release their own tracks for sale as DLC in the Rock Band titles.  Using the Reaper Digital Audio Workstation and Microsoft’s XNA program, musicians will be able to create their own note sheets for each instrument, using their own recorded music.  Once the notes are set, they can upload their content to the Rock Band Network website.  The song will then go through peer-review and if it is accepted, it will be added to the Rock Band store. Songs will cost between $.50 and $3 and users whose songs are uploaded will receive 30% of the profit. The tracks will be exclusive to the Xbox 360 versions of Rock Band for at least 30 days, but MTV Games has said some songs may find their way to the PlayStation 3 and Wii editions of the game.  The program is slated to start later this year.

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