Gun Metal

Standing 30 feet tall and equipped with an arsenal of weaponry, Gun Metal fights hordes of enemies in this mission-based shooter exclusive to the Xbox. At the touch of a button, transform from robot to jet fighter and take the fight to the skies. Destroy and make use of everything–crush rocks, fell trees, and tear chunks from buildings–on your quest to liberate your people. Gun Metal offers a devastating mix of action and strategy gameplay!

* Freely transform from powerful mecha to highly maneuverable jet fighter.

* Tool-up with an extensive armoury of devastating weaponry. Customize your arsenal before each mission.

* Engage in spectacular battles in a variety of breathtaking environments.

* Scorch the earth, torch trees, crush rocks under foot, tear chunks out of towering buildings and raze entire settlements to the ground.

* Truly leave your mark on the world as Gun Metal’s ‘persistent damage system’ records every bit of destruction.

* Take the fight to the enemy hordes as you progress through 14 diverse and engaging missions.

* Battle a wide variety of enemy units ranging from scuttling foot soldiers to monstrous battle fortresses.

* Assist the remaining battalions of allied forces as they take their last stand.



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