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Coke Now Makes Milk –

When you think of the white liquid that comes from cows, you probably don’t think of Coca-Cola, the company that makes brown chemical based beverages that are extremely high in sugar and is pretty much poison to humans. The times have changed, however, as Coke has recently dipped their toe into the dairy pool with Fairlife, a premium milk drink that carries a steep price point.

The bottle and packing is outstanding, even the bottle cap

The bottle and packing is outstanding, even the bottle cap

With the organic marketing message backing it up, this new milk is available in a few different ways: regular white milk, reduced fat, chocolate, whole, and fat free. The gimmick behind this cow secretion is that quality milk comes from a quality beginning. Using sustainable farms and extraordinary animal care, happy cows make better milk is the recipe Fairlife uses to create all their milk products.

This label is the selling point

This label is the selling point

Maintaining happy cows come at a price, however, as each 52oz bottle (1.5L) is going to set you back close to $5. The good news is this milk is a healthier product that other milk drinks on the market. Sporting less sugar, more protein and additional calcium, Fairlife is a better-for-you dairy product.

Yup, it tastes like chocolate milk

Yup, it tastes like chocolate milk

Besides being a healthier dairy option, I am happy to report that Fairlife Chocolate milk is actually pretty tasty. While not as sweet in comparison to the sugar drenched Nestle competitor (which is a good thing), Fairlife is highly enjoyable. I have not tried the other Fairlife milk options, only the chocolate milk, but it is quite good. The after taste is slightly different and lingers a little long but the thick texture and consistency is on par with other popular chocolate milk brands. It is very similar to, again, Nestle Quik just with a better nutritional count. It also doesn’t have a floppy eared rabbit as their spokesperson.

Listen to my story

Listen to my story

As someone who enjoys chocolate milk and looking to increase protein in-take as a way to help build muscle after workouts, Fairlife is recommended if you don’t mind paying the premium price. If you have to put a Coca-Cola product into your body, this is the drink to seek out.


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Better Than: all other Coke products
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  1. Avatar of Stan Stan says:

    Damn this looks good.. Now I gotta blow $5 to try it 🙂

  2. Avatar of jaxsmommy jaxsmommy says:

    With the organic industry backing this up it really makes me think this might be something to try! But to think the is coming from a company that makes coke I just don’t know…how can it be healthy?! Coke is so unhealthy. But this might be worth a try I’m up to try anything that has support from the organic industry and is high in protein.

  3. Haha, Coca Cola’s making MILK now? Man, how times are changing. Although the 5 bucks pricepoint is a huge deal breaker. There are a billion other similar products out there on the market, all claiming to be from the best cows, the lowest amount of calories etc etc, why should I shell out good money for a company that specializes in a sugar carbonated drink??

  4. Cool. We all know hardcore gamers love chocolate milk, right guys? Just kidding. I’m actually looking forward to this. The more product choices the better.

  5. Avatar of jaxsmommy jaxsmommy says:

    I want to try this! I have read this twice now and I read it to my fiance and he wants to try it to. But when is it going to be in stores!

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