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Logan’s Shadow is a spin off from the previous Syphon Filter game, Dark Mirror, and has given the PSP a powerful punch for the third person shooter genre this fall.

The demo that was sent to me could have featured another stage, but I have no complaints. During this first round of play, you have the ability to test a slew of weapons and tactical drills with Gabe. For the most part, the game is right on schedule with its previous versions. As in any Syphon Filter game you have five weapon slots, which can be upgraded with other weapons. You have four different set of goggles for night vision, infrared, electronic for sensing hidden objects, and PID a.k.a the flash light, which gives you an all around combat feel when playing.

The enemy movement is by far the best I have seen in a PSP game. Your enemies have the ability to evade, switch directions while running, and they are in constant motion when you are trying to attack. On some missions, Gabe will even gain the help of computer controlled A.I. teammates. The music is a mix between Talvin Singh and The Prince of Persia, which makes the game more dramatic while in combat.

All in all, this game will defiantly be added to my collection this fall. The game is set to release in September 2007.

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