Fight Night Rocks to Hip Hop

As in previous [i]Fight Night[/i] iterations, [i]Fight Night Round 3[/i] will feature an all [i]Hip-Hop[/i] soundtrack. Some of the artists on the EA Trax are Sean Biggs, Akon, Atmosphere, the Kray Twins, and Obie Trice. There are about twelve songs in all to get every virtual boxer?s blood boiling. The musical selection isn?t a big surprise in any way, but it is a little confusing as to why EA chooses to only use one genre of music in some of their games like Hip-Hop with [i]Fight Night[/i] and Rock with [i]Burnout[/i]. Check out our list for a more complete breakdown of the artists and songs, or check out EA?s [a][aa]web site[/a]. You can also check out our [a][aa]preview[/a].

[i]Fight Night Round 3[/i] will be available on February 20th for the Xbox 360, Xbox, PlayStation 2, and PSP. It will be rated T for teen by the ESRB, and the game will cost $59.99 for the Xbox 360 version and $39.99 for all other console versions including the PSP.

EA Trax list:
Atmosphere- [I]The Arrival[/I]
Brasco- [I]Uh-Oh[/I]
Consequence- [I]Night Night[/I]
Dilated Peoples- [I]Back Again[/I]
Dip Set- [I]The Best Out[/I]
Kray Twins featuring D&G- [I]Round One[/I]
L.T.D.A.- [I]Knock Em Down[/I]
Obie Trice- [I]Wanna Know[/I]
Roc ?C?- [I]Don?t Stop[/I]
Sean Biggs featuring Akon & Topic- [I]Never Gonna Get It[/I]
Slic One- [I]Crook Dancin[/I]
Young Roscoe- [I]Itz Nothin[/I]

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