Dynasty Warriors 5 details start to emerge

By Quinton Miles

More details on Koei’s upcoming title [i]Dynasty Warriors 5[/i] have started to come out, as the company recently dished out some more information on the game. Being dubbed “the greatest [i]Dynasty Warriors[/i] adventure of all time”, [i]DW 5[/i] aims to be the largest game ever in the series with each character having their own storyline along with their own perspective of it.

Highlighting the featues will be an enhanced version of the Battlefield Stronghold System from the last game. With the new system, the number of enemy soldiers is reduced when a force secures a stronghold. In addition, new types of stongholds will also be introduced with different characteristics, complete with smarter soldiers who will notice when a stonghold is falling to an enemy causing them to respond to the crisis. Finally, new fighting attacks and more characters on screen look to add more of a challenge to experienced veterans of the series.

[i]Dynasty Warriors 5[/i] is slated to hit the PlayStation 2 on March 25. To get more info on the game, check out Koei’s update to the Japanese teaser [a]http://gamecity.ne.jp/smusou4/[aa]website[/a] and be sure to check back with us for more updates.

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