Donkey Konga (Preview)

Nintendo’s hit franchise returns with style in Donkey Konga. Donkey Konga is a real time drumming game with 35 songs to play, three difficulty settings and a pair of drums that are a high quality Nintendo peripheral. They are light enough to spin around but solid enough to make you feel secure when banging the thing excitingly and smooth on the top so your hand won’t hurt or get sore from all the banging.

Donkey Konga is based on a hit Japanese title for the Playstation 2 that sold millions of copies over seas. Taiko No Tetsujin is what brought Donkey Konga to life and the only way to play this title is to purchase a Japanese Playstation 2 or get your current Playstation 2 modified. Donkey Konga’s game play revolves around the songs which are of high quality and very diverse. Donkey Konga is all about picking a tune and banging your bongos in time with the action of the song on screen. As the song plays barrels will scroll across the screen with each one containing a symbol which will indicate what action to do when playing the bongos. For example, the color yellow means hit the left drum, red means the right, purple means to strike both at the same time, and blue sparks signify you to clap your hands.

Donkey Konga has three different difficulty settings which allows players to start as a beginner and gradually work up to the advance sounds of various musical combinations and songs. Donkey Konga not only has three difficulty settings it also includes different modes. One mode called “Cool Mode” which is where all the barrels disappear and you have to play the song by memory. In this mode you have to keep track of your weak points so you can prepare yourself for the challenges ahead.

Donkey Konga will also feature unlockable goodies like different sound effects for your drums, more multiplayer games, mini-games and new songs. These unlockable goodies are purchased with coins received during any one player game as you rack up on points by making successful hits and drum rolls. Sound simple? Well items can cost anywhere from 11 to 40,000 coins, which means if your not any good then do not count on getting any goodies because you will only receive 200 to 400 coins per-game. You will have a chance to gain extra bonus points by playing a slot machine during the game. Barrels on the slot machines must be hit, and if done well you will see Mario, Yoshi if you do ok, Peach if you get a bad, and Wario if you miss.

Donkey Konga will show off its new innovative style and originality at this years E3 of 2004. Nintendo fans, this is as fresh as it gets with originality, extremely addictive game play and tons of multiplayer fun that can last forever. These are the strong points of Nintendo along with brilliantly balanced game play that appeal to all generations and family members. In the last couple of years, music rhythm games have quickly gained popularity and we all know there has been plenty of different styles that hit arcades and home consoles. To name a few like Dance Dance Revolution, Parappa the Rappa, and even the most recent American Idol. Donkey Konga will invite a new type of style into the genre utilizing drums. We all know that Nintendo lacks this genre, and the console coupled with Donkey Konga delivers, surely giving Nintendo what it needs: FUN, FUN, FUN!.

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