Cute puzzle game Mojito the Cat gets July release date

Mojito the Cat invites you to his unique world on Nintendo Switch consoles this Friday – 15th July. This cute and colorful family-friendly game was created for players of all ages. Train your mind in an extremely fun way! 

For every fan of cats, platformers, and mind games! Pass all levels in the smartest, and easiest way possible. Or if you like challenges, try all of the possible ways for each level.

There are many levels ahead of you in a charming world full of colorful animals. But it just sounds so simple. Prove yourself and find the easiest way to complete each of the puzzle levels.

Unlock and meet all 10 additional heroes. Play them all or find your favorite!

The main character was inspired by the real cat named Mojito! He’s super cute and really brave. Mojito is 13 years old now. Sometimes he has bad mood, specially when he is sleeping and you try to move him.

Experience a journey through the various unique locations of the Mojito world. Unique places await you – a forest, a desert island, an active volcano, and each of them will be a new, unique challenge.

– 60 puzzles to solve
– charming aesthetic
– 11 unique 3D cube skins
– satisfying gameplay loop
– great challenges

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